Monday, February 11, 2013

More things I love--Janice

Number one on any Mom's list of requirements is to brag on their children.

It's not so easy if you have amassed a brood of knuckle-headed off-spring who more closely resemble the Neanderthals in the family tree ...

than that brilliant physicist your cousin produced.

Thank goodness that is not a problem I have had to deal with--my three children are talented beyond belief.

They are also loving and generous and good looking and....


Daughter, Janice, sews these little critters for pleasure, for friends, for families and to sell.

They just make me smile.

I wish I could show other of her great needlework.

She has a slew of ribbons from both the Washington and the Oregon State Fairs for her needlepoint.

But these little guys seem to bring out her inner personality. (Hmm, should I be worried?)

                                   And this week I relish any 'smile prescriptions' I can get.

                                      Thanks for the pictures, Honey.  I really appreciate them.

                                            Janice, Artiste Extraordinaire


  1. talented indeed......sock monkeys brings back memories...


  2. These are so cute. I love the octopus. Does she have an ETSY page or somewhere where she sells her things online?

  3. I asked her and learned that she makes these dolls exclusively for sale at a fair held by the hospital where she works. All the proceeds go into a fund to aid anyone who needs hospital care and does not have insurance or the money required. Did I mention how much I love my daughter?