Saturday, February 9, 2013

Birth of Halcyon II

"Sail Date" was one week ago and I am still here in Tucson, cussing and spitting and wishing this whole grueling parade of doctors and dentists would just fade away in my rearview window.  But alas, it is not to be for at least another week.

Someone should have a chat with nurses and technicians on how to talk to those impatient women who really aren't interested in their triglyceride readings or their vitamin deficiencies and just want to get on the road. Okay, so there really aren't that many of us out there, but still...

 So, after several days of tests that required lots of fasting, I drove the RV up into Saguaro National Park just outside of Tucson and spent a very quiet and relaxing afternoon reading a good book while enjoying a great meal, lots of raw nature, and my 'sacred hyacinth plant'.

It was 'Super Bowl Sunday' so I had the entire wildly-beautiful park to myself for the complete afternoon.  It was truly a  Halcyon Day. (pictured--Cajun-seasoned Tilapia, vine-ripened tomatoes, fried potatoes, cantaloupe cubes and a crisp white wine--'Bon Appetit' would be so jealous)

I have been asked many times where the name 'Halcyon' came from.  First of all, Halcyon means 'peaceful' and describes some of the most pleasant moments I have ever experienced.   However, the word has been an influence over almost 40 years in my life and it has a unique connection to this RoadTrek.

In the 1970's my husband, Roger, and I sold our business and our house in Santa Barbara, Ca, packed up our 3 young children plus a cat and moved to Florida where we bought a 45' ketch-rigged sailboat from a man who lived in Fort Myers, Florida. The name of the boat was 'Halcyon'.  We lived on that boat and sailed in the Caribbean for 3 very exciting and often Halcyonic years before selling it and eventually returning to the west coast.

So, you can see there is a genesis to this travel adventure.  It is an odyssey my husband would have wholeheartedly endorsed, but that is not the end of this tale.  It was here that Serendipity stepped in.  When I decided to travel again I told my oldest son, Ron, who incidentally was living in Santa Barbara, Ca, at the time, what I wanted to do. He was wonderfully supportive and immediately began looking for the perfect vehicle for me.  His search produced a likely candidate on Craigslist--from a man living in Ft Myers, Florida!  So that little coastal town in Florida--all the way across country--has supplied two of the great chapters in my life and it was only fitting that the RV would be christened,
'Halcyon II'.

My daughter, Janice, thought so too.  She is responsible for creating and sewing that colorful tire cover as a surprise for me.


  1. Oh, please pick me to change places with you when you tire of your Halcyon ways. *grinning ear-to-ear*
    Cop Car

  2. Toni,
    Sorry you're having to spend so much time on tune-ups and maintenance here in Tucson. I hope to see you again before you leave. It looks like you had a great Sunday.

  3. Thanks for the mini adventure


  4. You are such an adventurous and creative spirit. Just like your sister. So much fun to share your travels.