Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Janice makes an awesome tire cover

Janice hand made a tire cover for the RV. Here is a video of mom seeing it for the first time.

This was a secret project that took Janice a couple of months to make. I sent her the tire specs and she found a tire dealer in Salem that had that size tire in their showroom. She was able to measure it and test the cover as she made it. Mom didn't know about it until she saw it here for the first time.

Halcyon II's new tire cover
The cover is hand made and hand painted. It took Janice a while to find the exact right colors in in the right material. It is made from treated canvas used to make umbrellas. So it is designed to be outdoors and in the sun.

The colors are the exact same colors of the hull of the Halcyon. It was red below, with a white waterline, and dark blue above the water.

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