Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awesome staff at Westward Look Resort

Today was my last day to punch a timecard! It is official--I have retired from the working world and this fantastic staff gave me a wonderful send off.
I have worked in the reservation's department at Westward Look Resort in Tucson Az for the last ten years. My job was interesting and rewarding, my fellow workers were fun to be with, and in addition the surroundings at the resort were both uniquely beautiful and 'Tucson Traditional'. Westward Look is unlike most resorts in that it is not a chain hotel but one-of-a-kind, a 4 diamond resort with 100 years of history and a staff that appreciates the uniqueness of it.
I will miss the staff--and the job--but not so much that I would give up this next adventure.

"A reason to get together is to share experiences----a reason to separate is to get some new experiences to share." Thoreau


  1. Congratulations Mom! Just like when we drove out of Santa Barbara...a whole new adventure awaits!

  2. Hi Toni: I have now read thru everything on your blog. I can't believe what Ron and Janice have done for you. You are going to have so much fun and I too hope to have fun with you. Do you feel like a kid again? Patsy