Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cabin Air-conditioner won't run on 15 amps

I was very disappointed to discover that the built in cabin airconditioner won't run on a standard 15 amp circuit. It looks like it needs 20 amps. That means in order to run the AC, then we need standard 30amp RV power, or run the generator.

That is a problem because 99% of houses don't have 110v/30amp circuits. Only RV parks do.

I was really hoping that it would run on 15. If that were true, then as long as nothing else on board was using AC power, then we could get away with using the standard house power outlet when visiting friends and family.

I wonder why they did this? A standard window A/C unit that you can buy for your house can start using less than 15 amps.


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