Friday, February 15, 2013

The best laid plans...are full of surprises

If all goes as planned I will be leaving Tucson sometime tomorrow.  That is if I don't get any more calls from some lab or another telling me I have an 'unexplainable lump in the flappidoodle' and must see a flappidoodle specialist ASAP.  If that sounds silly then let me tell you, I have had all my flappidoodles examined, probed, stress-tested, camera-photographed, biopsied, tickled and massaged the last month--and all to little reward and lots of anxiety. Nothing serious has been found and no explanation for some worrying symptoms has come out of all the time and money spent.
So I am now armed with lots of vitamins, supplements and antacid tablets,  plus a membership in the Silver Sneakers Fitness Program--a fitness program that is available nation-wide through my insurance.

Fainally.....Westward Ho!  Time to get this show on the road.

I will miss Tucson.  This town is always producing surprises for me.  I know the above picture is out-of-focus but I think the fuzziness defines that 5:00 pm shimmer that often settles on the mountains around the city. The colors change by the minute and it is not unusual to see people stopped in their tracks to admire the 'glow'.

Tucked behind walls and fences are delightful little courtyards that are semi-cool reminders of a life before suburban sprawl, air conditioned houses, and life styles too busy for an afternoon siesta.  (I could not see this courtyard from the street but I stuck my camera up to the crack in the wall, clicked,  and this is what I found.  Okay, not very nice of me--I know.)

The Devil made me do it.

Some surprises leave me scratching my head.  This is on the side of a church.  Holy Hummingbird?

So now I will spend two days running around town, hugging and kissing and saying 'goodbye' to some of the greatest friends a person could ask for. I will miss them all for perhaps the next 9 or 10 months--when I expect to return-- if there aren't any more surprises.

Enough said!


  1. Safe travels my friend. See you at year's end!

  2. Hope all is well, travel-wise and health-wise.

  3. Hooray! It's so good to be on the road. I think we've been here long enough, but events conspire to hold us here a bit longer. Looking forward to posts from new places. Safe travels.