Monday, February 4, 2013

Long live the Sacred Peepal Tree!

   My very good friend, Lynda, suggested we have dinner recently so we chose a restaurant that had been recommended to me but I knew nothing about.  

Govinda's has been tucked away in a quiet, old established neighborhood of Tucson for over 20 years and is centered around the oldest of the modern religions, Hinduism.  There are beautiful gardens and a temple on the grounds and I saw that many of the guests that evening stopped in the temple for some meditation before or after dinner.

We skipped the meditation but, since Lynda has a dairy allergy, we chose the night that featured  a vegan buffet.  I would not have expected it to be so good, but it definitely was, and very interesting.

The gardens have an aviary ....

several peacocks....
  ...and a koi pond.  By the end of the evening I was feeling pleasantly relaxed and de-stressed.  Good food and good conversation are the best meditations I know of.

I found this sign in the garden and it seemed a worthy motto until I realized the Peepal Tree looked like the freeze got it. All that was left was a thin brown stalk.
But this is now growing in my cup holder and filling the RV with the loveliest scent.  It is a gift from another of my friends, Debbie.  It is now my substitution for gardening and provides a modicum of meditation for my soul...."Do not pluck the lovely hyacinth plant!" 


  1. It really is too bad about the frost. That looks like such a lovely place, too.
    We don't have much in the way of Indian food in Hilo, but Ballard in Seattle has a nice restaurant with a buffet like the one you show.

  2. I will add Ballard's to my list of places-to-visit for Seattle. Thanks.

  3. Toni: Ballard is the neighborhood. I forget the name of the restaurant.