Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The gall of it all

It has been a whirlwind of social lunches with friends mixed in with appointments to see doctors, dentists, auto mechanics and a vet since arriving in Tucson two months ago.

The 'dirt-dauber-prevention-screen' has been installed and the heater is working like a champ.  Good thing, too.  Last night dipped to 31 degrees!  The RV stayed toasty warm all night and no frozen pipes this morning...phew!

The true highlight of the 'social whirl' was the celebration of Belle's 95th birthday this week.  Friends Suzanne and Brittania joined in for the celebration.

And goofiness reigned!  Friends are a great tonic for anything that ails ya.

The above quilt hangs on the wall in my doctor's waiting room and I have been contemplating it a lot of late.  My return to Tucson for the winter was spearheaded by a pressure I have been experiencing in my chest for the last few months.  My supplemental insurance company insists I return to Arizona for anything short of a trip to the emergency room at the hospital. So when the discomfort became too much,  I decided I needed to face the music and return to find out what was causing it.

The tests have all come back showing nothing much--until yesterday when an ultrasound produced a lovely picture of a gallstone!  And I was only 5 days from getting back on the road!

I hate to think I brought this on myself.  Do you suppose all those exemplary dining spots I sampled over the last year were like poison to my gall bladder?  Horrors!  Am I going to have to curtail my scientific search for the 'greatest barbequed pork sandwich'?  Are etoufees and jambalayas on the tabu list?  Do raw oysters produce gallstones as well as pearls?

I am now waiting to hear from the doctor on what might be the next necessary step. In the meantime, I heard about a great little Mexican restaurant where I can get a really good fish taco.


  1. Well mom.. I was planning on taking you out for the best fish tacos in California at a bar here in Sandy Eggo. So I hope we can still do that!

  2. And I hope you make it out to Hawaii soon!

  3. Ron...Hold that thought. It might be delayed but I'm optimistic.

    Hattie...Hawaii is on the schedule for late October. Are Papaya and Pineapple good for gallstones?

  4. Hooray! As to papayas and pineapples, I dunno, but they can't hurt!

  5. Bummer about the gallstone. It's always something! Hope it resolves on its own.