Friday, January 18, 2013

Babysitting Bailey

My friend Suzie loves yellow labs.  When her beloved dog Bailey died several years ago she soon began talking of finding another to take his place.  Well, Bailey II has entered her life and is filling her days with pleasure as well as closing that empty spot in her heart.

When I arrived on the scene the new Bailey was only 4 months old, bursting with energy and only slightly trained---he responded to 'Food!', 'Cookies' and 'Let's go for a walk' and not much else.

  Suzie and her S.O, Bill, wanted to take a few weeks to visit friends and family in Colorado and they asked if I would be willing to 'Lab sit'.

That seemed like an easy enough request--and the very least I could do for the convenience of parking behind their house.  Besides, have you ever seen such an angelic face?

I quickly learned that angelic expression could become the devil incarnate.

Chewing on chairs seemed to be his favorite pass time--that is until he learned how much fun it was to grab one of my shoes and play 'keep-away' throughout the house until I shouted "Cookies!".  I took to wearing my shoes at all times in self-defense.

The final blow came on the day he reached up onto the counter, tipped my purse onto the floor and took off across the house with my prescription sunglasses.  I followed at break-neck speed shouting "Cookies! Food! T-bone Steak!" until I finally discovered I could trade a 'chewy bone' for the glasses.
It was then that Bailey was sentenced to a 'time out' in the back yard while I regained my breath and composure.

Bailey is a very 'social' dog.  He never wants to be more than a few feet from you, and is always wanting to play or cuddle.  When nature calls and he needs to go outside, he is back at the door in a tail's shake, whereupon, I jump up and quickly open the door for him.  Hmm, clearly he is training me and he doesn't even need to offer me 'cookies'.  Smart dog!

My reward for being such a 'good girl' is a walk.

He knows exactly where he wants to go and how fast.

Well, I certainly could use the exercise and....

The scenery is wonderful.

 Have you ever seen such an angelic dog?

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