Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Telephone Museum--Part 2

I started seeing the old vehicles in the parking lot ...

but that was just the beginning....

Please note, there are still phones everywhere....

I think I dated a guy once that drove one of these....

And this made me think of my mother, Vivian. She drove a red volkswagen for 20 years.  And when her grandkids were small she would load those wiggling, squirmy little boys up in the back of her car along with tents, sleeping bags and lots of hotdogs and marshmallows and take off for the hills behind Santa Barbara for a 'camp out'.  The car would be stuffed to the hilt and little boys would be tightly packed in with the gear--but that was before car seats and seat belt requirements.  I think she even took them to Disneyland once like that.  And they all survived!

No, I don't remember this one...It was before my time.

This was, too.

My grandparents drove a Pontiac about the same age in exactly this color with the Indian head on the hood.  This immediately brought back memories for me of riding with them to church on Sunday mornings.  (Please notice all the 'eyes' on the wall behind the car)

And then there is Halcyon II sitting in the parking lot next to that old truck.
I spent more than two hours in this museum and was starving when I came out.  I crossed the street to the local cafe and had their roast chicken special with rice, gravy, homegrown string beans, sliced tomatoes and fried okra--plus ice tea--all for $5.00.  Yep! Leslie was a serendipitous experience.

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