Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jeanie's Clan

A multitude of Larsons failed to make the reunion on Sunday but a few of the more outstanding ones congregated at Mark and Mary's on Monday....

Starting with the ever-smiling, newly-published, poetess and artist,  Jeanie.

 Jeanie's off-spring of Laura, Gabe and Britta joined Mark's daughter, Bridget, Bridget's husband Andy plus Donna Mae and Don, Mary and Mark, and me...(there will be a test to follow)

We had a really great buffet....

This is a rare photo of these three siblings in the same room--Gabe works in Minnesota but Britta just returned from a summer in Europe and Laura is in school in Tucson.

Mark and Mary have a remarkable mural on their dining room wall of the 'Boundary Waters' area of Minnesota.  

Mark and Mary's daughter, Bridget and her husband, Andy Hoel are expecting a baby this winter.  
Britta, Laura, Andy and Bridget.  

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