Saturday, September 15, 2012

Goodbye to Lake Port Square

It is finally time to move on.  Don is doing so well, plus he has the ready attention from all his lady friends as well as caregiver Kelly who comes in every day to spoil him with goofy jokes and neck rubs.

I will miss the lovely park-like setting of Lake Port Square...

The gardens, the walking paths, the alligators, turtles and little lizards basking in the sun...

The flowers and birds and quiet corners.  Don has chosen a truly lovely place to live.

I will miss the busy social life and the new friends...Jules and Willi and Helen.

and the very patient Loren who is always waiting for his wife, Willi, to stop talking so they can go to the dinner table.

Then there is one of my regular Saturday night dinner partners, Walt, who always has a joke for us...
and the Saturday night dinner partners, Walt, Judy and Jules.   There are others..Jean, Miriam, Norm, Alice, Frances, Ella.. they have all been great company and have made my stay at Lake Port Square very very special. Thank you, guys.  I will miss you.

I have been asked several times now if Sigh Me is happy to be back in the RV.  She is most definitely.  While we were in Don's apartment she would pace the apartment and yowl--for no reason--and often!  I would have to pick her up and hold her a few minutes to quiet her down.  Well, we are back in the RV and the yowling has stopped.  She is content to crawl under a sheet and sleep the day away with only a cursory 'miouw' in the morning to say, 'I'm hungry.'  Even though it's on wheels and never stays in one place very long--there's no place like home.

I will start meandering west--back through Louisiana, Texas and on to Arizona by December.  If all goes as planned (I'm taking bets on whether the plans pan out or not) I want to spend Feb. in Death Valley then start up the west coast in March.

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