Saturday, September 1, 2012

Arrival in Minnesota

Wow!  I am back in business.  The glitch was in the Picassa program and not Blogspot.  Leave it to Ron to save me--though it took the better part of his spare time for the last two days to find another method and then to educate me on how to download and move the pictures.  I do believe every one should have a son like Ron--especially if you are old enough to remember black and white TV's and 45 records, and said son is willing to sit on the phone for endless hours while you wander around on the computer screen clicking at any icon that looks 'cute'. I know how hard such sons are to find,  therefore I am willing to rent mine--for a fee of course.  Just get in line and wait until I get my blog caught up.

Don's sister Donna Mae Reishus was very pleased to have her brother for the following six days (you can tell by the smiles).  They spent hours looking at old photos and talking about 'those good old days."  One of the days Donna Mae set up a meeting with Don and an old high school classmate of his,  Pearl.  It was a lively meeting and they really began to reminisce in earnest. It seems Pearl was valedictorian in their class and Don was salutatorian.  At one point Don asked, "Pearl, why didn't we ever date?"  To which Pearl answered, "Because you never asked!" Hmm! Obviously he wasn't all that smart.

Anoka is a suburb of Minneapolis and could be a setting for "Prairie Home Companion".

The Hardware store is a perfect 'small-town relic'.....

You can get anything you want..and a few things you may not want.

Do they even inventory the head?

Niece Becky (far left) and her husband, Tim Johnson (center) were my hosts for the first two days in Mn.  Tim is a dentist and wanted to show me his lovely offices and even lovelier staff.

The building was so neat and inviting and sat right next door to the hardware store, so if Tim ran out of any tooth-pulling tools he could just dash next door.  I'm sure they had something in that store that would work.
Dinner the first night at Tim and Becky's was the great standby--A noodle hot dish!  I am sure, if any of you are familiar with Garrison Keillor then you know that a hot dish is a must for any well-set Norwegian table.  And Don is still raving about this 'gourmet dinner' a week later.
If I can remember all the steps Ron taught me to load these pictures then I will be posting daily for the next week.  If I should miss a day or two it will be because I am stuck and can't reach Ron, or he is hiding from me--so just keep checking back.


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