Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life in Leesburg

Our jet glided successfully down at the Leesburg International Airport and taxied to the new, modern, 21st Century, 10-story terminal where a band was playing our welcome with the "Star Spangled Banner."  Oops!  I really must stop taking Valium when I fly.  We actually flew into Orlando (which is very 21st Century with its overhead trams that dart from terminal to terminal) and a wheelchair was waiting for Don.  He weathered the trip looking more refreshed than when we left a week earlier.  I, on the other hand, was bedraggled and on edge since I would actually rather endure a colonoscopy than get on an airplane.  I and my nerves were especially glad that Don's friend, Mel was there to pick us up and drive us the 45 minutes back to Leesburg--in a torrential downpour.   

By the way, no jets, that I can see,  fly into Leesburg.  The only planes I saw at that airport were either crop dusters or private two or four-seaters.  So what constitutes the designation 'International'?  Is there a custom's agent sitting at his desk in some corner of the hanger reading the sports page and waiting for a hijacker from Cuba?

But the beauty and tranquillity of Lake Port Square did much to smooth things out for me.  

 Don managed to catch a cold within a few days of our return but he soon recovered and was back into the social scene in short order. 
 In anticipation of re-starting my journey I took the RV to the Firestone Service Center where  the Bleakley family tackled Halcyon's annoying symptoms of bucking and coughing whenever she climbs a hill. (I do the same thing but they've discontinued my parts) Anyway, Mac Bleakley performed miracles and now the RV purrs smoothly again.  By the way, Mac has cured a number of problems for both Don and myself related to 'funny noises' and annoying rattles.  Most of the fixes have been very inexpensive or no charge at all--but always include a wise crack and a smile.  Thanks, Mac.

I wanted to explore Leesburg a little more before I left and one of the areas I particularly like is a subdivision called Venetian Gardens that looks out over Lake Harris...

The entire town of Leesburg is centered around either this lake or Lake Griffin.  Nowhere is more than a 1/2 mile to water and most of that water is suitable for fishing or boating.
It gives a great ambiance to this small town.

One of the best things about Leesburg is their library, which became my second home when my blog began to give me trouble.  I would go to the library, pull up the blog on the computer then call Ron and beg for help.  
These pieces of sculpture are in the gardens of the library....

Annie Oakley
(From a nearby plaque):  In the early 1920's Annie Oakley wintered in Leesburg with her husband Frank and her dog Dave.  They stayed in the Lake View Hotel which was located across Palmetto Street from where the library now stands.
At shooting exhibitions on Sunday afternoons in Leesburg, she would shoot an apple off of Dave's head.  Annie entertained audiences around the world with her gun skills.  She was known as 'Lil Miss Sharp Shooter.'
 I don't think there was a Humane Society around in the 1920's.

On Saturday's there is a Farmer's Market downtown.....

where you can by everything from chickens....
to frog legs!

What's an 'auto wrap'?  I've heard of chicken wraps and veggie wraps, saran wrap or Rap rap.  But what's 'auto wrap?

Leesburg has a number of companies that package frozen and canned orange juice.  When I first arrived here last fall there were huge trucks full of oranges everywhere on the streets.

When I first saw so many of these big storage tanks I thought of oil...but no.  Obviously, second to oil, we fuel up on OJ!

"Leesburg's Oldest Filling Station--1925"

It's a great little town but almost time to say 'Goodbye'.


  1. An auto wrap is a filmy billboard that wraps to fit your vehicle. You often see them on public transport like trams or buses. You can have them custom made for your car if you have a message you want to spread around town.

  2. Leesburg was home to WW ii POW camp,too

  3. Venetian Gardens is actually the city's park, there are homes that boarder it but it's not a subdivision. Also, another fun fact for you, Ma Barker (the bank robber) used to live around here in the 20's. The LifeStream building downtown is the original bank building and was one of the few banks that did not get held up by Barker's gang.