Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wilbur--more chocolate!

In Lititz, a neighboring town to Hershey,  I discovered a competitor to Hershey.  Wow!  It's another chocolate factory!  (To my kids..When I die please scatter my ashes in this county.  I think I have found heaven.)

It was a rainy day but I didn't care.

You could tell by the building it had been here a while--since 1934!  The founder, Henry Wilbur, actually started his business in 1884, then his sons moved it all to Lititz 50 years later.

Inside I found a museum of old candy making utensils...

And once again I was surrounded by the smell of chocolate.  The building vibrated with the sound of the mixers that were churning the chocolate in huge vats. This did not look Disney-like at all.

And then I found these delightful ladies who were creating special displays and new recipes with chocolate.  What a tough, tough job.  I applied for a position as taster but they said they already had a few thousand applications.

This is Kathy B who is an artist and her medium is chocolate!  Now, why would anyone bother with clay or oils when they can work in chocolate?  You may check out her very fun blog at:

I thought Aunt Louise would like all these Chocolate tins.

  Lititz was a lovely little town, the people are charming and I am so glad I found it but my waistline may never be the same.

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  1. What a LOVELY blog about Lititz and Wilbur! Thank you SOOO much! I hope everyone will get a chance to someday visit Lititz. I LOVE your writing and so very much enjoy this blog site!!!