Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Dapper Don!

Dapper Don is back!

His first outing from the Rehab Center was for lunch in the Country Store with Kelly, his reliable caregiver.  You can see by the smiles how happy he was to be out.

Kelly's name is actually Swasti Dindial but 'Kelly' is easier for us.

The dining room at the Rehab Center looks out at this courtyard.  Someone put soap in the fountain and   it sure entertained the diners when the wind whipped up and suds went flying all over the courtyard.   
There are also a couple of snakes out there that provide diversion as well, provided for our entertainment by the same joker that introduced the soapsuds.

The food is good enough that Don is gaining weight.

And this is Betty Longfellow, Don's dining companion.  She will be getting out of here on Saturday and Don will miss her company at dinner.
 And this is Lashea who has been one of Don's great caregiver's throughout his stay. 

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  1. My wife Paula was born in Chincoteague during the pony swim.