Monday, July 30, 2012

The Jenkinson's Aquarium

I am sorry to be so slow these days with posting to the blog and I fear I will lose a few of my readers if I don't stay with it.  I still have a few postings to make of photos prior to my arrival here in Leesburg so I will try to be more diligent.  These were my first  attempt at photographing fish and water and they came out better than I expected.

This little aquarium is part of the Jenkinson's boardwalk.

Finding Nemo!  That clown fish would not stay still long enough to get a good photo. 

 Good Camouflage.

This little guy had me chuckling....

And so did this one.  He hung on that window the whole time I was in the aquarium.  Kinda like a refrigerator magnet.

Blue lobster are very rare.  

Jellyfish are my favorites and always remind me of the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California.  When I lived and worked in Monterey I would often take my lunch, go to the Aquarium,  sit in front of the Jellyfish exhibit and go into a hypnotic trance watching the colorful blobs pulse and glide before my eyes.  

Lion fish have been introduced into the waters on the East coast and especially in the Virgin Islands and, like the boa constrictors of the Everglades, they are devastating to their newfound environment.  We do so much harm by introducing non-native species to an area--just check out the Kudzu in the south.

How does something ever evolve into this?  

Update:  Brother-in-law, Don is doing very well.  He is still in rehab but it looks like he'll be going home very soon now.
Everyone is asking what my plans are now that I am back in Florida. The latest plan is to stay in Leesburg until September first then head west toward La, Tx and Az.  I think I will winter in Arizona and southern California this year.  And, yes, I am eager to start moving again.  I think I have been inoculated with ethanol and motor oil... I truly miss the open road and  the adventure of exploring new places.  


  1. I have never seen a blue lobster. I totally relate to the turtle. BTW I forgot to wish you a happy birthday this month. I hope it was a good one. Love, Cherie

  2. That turtle has some llooooooooooong legs! I love a good aquarium, they're so soothing. Do you think you're going to park in one place all winter, or motor about the area? We're in Tucson for 6 months in the winter, and after about 5 months, we're ready to go. Happy trails!