Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

I am still in Leesburg, Florida and my brother-in-law is having a very difficult time right now.  My comments on the blog may slow down for a while but I will try and get the photos posted of the places that have been missed so far.

The town....  

The War Zone...
Gettysburg was the battle that produced the most casualties of the Civil War.

And the Memorial statues went on for miles and miles, all along the roads, out in fields, in woods and in farm yards.  Each and every one stating what regiment and how many were killed from a particular state or territory.


I found podcasts of the battles on the Internet at:

I found these to be boring in the monotone of the speakers and the monotony in the detail of troop movements, etc.  But for the true Civil War Buff they are probably very good.

I started my tour at 6 am to avoid the humungous crowds that get on these roads during the height of the day. 

Continued below....

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