Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Austin, Tx

Today has been a very bad, not so good, terrible day that ended on a really high note....

I have been trying for two days to post to this blog but I am sitting very near the fires outside of Austin and I think there is interference caused by the smoke.  For two days the Internet has barely moved--I could get on but that was all.  Everyone in the RV park around me was having the same problem so we decided the smoke was blocking the satellite--maybe.  Who knows.

Then I drove into Austin this afternoon and while driving down a busy road toward town I hit a sunken place in the pavement and my bike jumped out of the rack!!  I quickly pulled over and disentangled the bike from the rack but found that it was very bent out of shape.  Damn and Double Damn! Tomorrow I look for a bike repair place.

But...I got hold of a special friend--Jayne Decker!  And I will see her tomorrow.  So I am smiling again.

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  1. Toni --
    It was sooo good to see you when you blew through Seagoville! You remind me that there really are people out there with adventurous, free spirits. I feel like Roger is travelling right along with you. Sweet spirits you two have. I'm sorry I missed Mary. Next time I would really like to see her. Come back soon, okay? Love, Becky