Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life on board Halcyon II

Mornings are time to check the email, read the NY Times and think about the next blog entry. Things that make life really French Press one-cup coffee maker and the Mi-Fi when it works. I can be sitting anywhere and have a cup of coffee and quickly hop on line. Sometimes it is the Dairy Queen parking lot, at a rest area picnic table or in a friend's driveway.

Sigh Me lives for her morning brushing. In all this heat she has really shed and it is a challenge to keep the hair under control. Now that it is finally cooling off the shedding better stop--or I will shave her bald!

One of Sigh Me's favorite games is to hide on the floor under the sheet that is way too big for these little bunks. She thinks I can't see her and when I get a foot too near the sheet she reaches out and swats me.
For dinner I always try to have pleasant music (those are speakers from my IPod) and a glass (okay it's a plastic cup) of wine.

Food is simple now but I have many ways to cook--a two-burner gas stovetop, a microwave, a crock pot, and a toaster oven. But everything is in miniature. The refrigerator is convertible from gas, or 12V or electric.

I carry lots of water but I hesitate to drink from the holding tank even though I add a tablespn of bleach each time I fill up. I always have a jug of store bought water on hand but my sister Mary gave me a great hint for drinking water in restaurants. The taste of water changes everytime you go to a new town and sometimes the taste is terrible. She told me to add a squeeze of lemon and a small bit of sugar to the water and--Viola!--it tastes fresh and pure!

Do I regret my decision to do this?  Not yet--not at all!  It is getting easier as I learn all the quirks of this little home and this life. I'll keep you posted.

One last note--I will continue to wait until I leave an area before I will blog about it. I am a single woman traveling alone and I don't want to get careless so I will try not to reveal too much about location while I am actually there.

But--because people are wondering:
*I have been below the fires so the smoke has blown in the other direction from me.
*One of the RV parks I stayed in for a few days was full of rescue workers and fire fighters so I felt pretty sure I would know about any evacuation in plenty of time.
*I will be in the Austin area for another few days then will head back to Ft Worth to get there in time for the wedding and family reunion.

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