Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eulogy for Biscuit

Biscuit was a little chihuahua with a big attitude. Of Jayne's two dogs he was her favorite (yes, she even admitted it). Biscuit was a discard--unwanted and unloved until Jayne came along and rescued him. In his later years he developed diabetes and went blind but he could still find his way up a flight of stairs to his apartment door by bumping his nose into everything along the way. And when he arrived home it was his habit to inform Jayne that he wanted his reward--a chewy. And there was no denying that little 10# spitfire. When it came time to eat he would push his sister, Bailey, out of the way even though Bailey outweighed him by 30 pounds.
In his 'macho way' biscuit was lovable--and always the center of attention--much to Bailey's chagrin.
The day after I left Austin, Biscuit became sick beyond what insulin could cure. Jayne had to face the inevitable and say goodbye.
But in his life no dog was more loved. RIP Biscuit.
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