Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From Waco to Austin

We all have heard of the religious fringe in Texas (Warren Jeffs/David Koresh), the political mindbenders (Perot, Perry), and the celebrity oddballs (Willie Nelson, Mickey Gilley). But did you know about the Pod People?

While driving down the freeway I started seeing these peculiar houses (?)--first a few and then a whole subdivision (or would you call it a 'Podivision'?)

I simply had to see more so I did a u-turn and drove through. These podlike structures were all occupied and most with no windows and all were starkly landscaped. Some had connecting garages (to hold the spaceships?). I did see a humanlike figure off in the distance and thought to go ask what this was all about. However, I decided I might get whisked away by aliens so I turned tail and got out of there.


  1. those pods look easy to clean no corners love jo

  2. Just found your blog from Glen over at To Simplify. This is pretty interesting place, it is in Italy TX.

    Found the below inf on these done houses.

    Looking forward to reading about your travels!