Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Museum of the Americas

Weatherford has the most wonderful museum of native American cultures and art owned and operated by Harold (above) and Elizabeth Lawrence. Prepare to spend some time here--there is so much to see and every artifact has an interesting story that Dr. Lawrence will be happy to share with you.
Dr. Lawrence and Aunt Louise in the Indian rug exhibit. He found this rug in a lady's house--she had walked on it for years--it had food, dirt and oil ground into it. He had it cleaned and restored and as you can see it is a beautiful work of art.

Masks from all over the Americas.

Just one small corner of many rooms and many exhibits. This museum is a real treasure in this little town and Weatherford should be very proud to have it.

These artifacts are of the Ulen Indians, an extinct tribe found in Patagonia Chile. This area in Chile is so cold that there was little that could be found to make clothes, so to stay warm, the Indians painted their naked bodies from head to foot with oil mixed with dirt and then decorated themselves with white paint.  I wonder if this may explain why they became extinct.
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