Monday, September 26, 2011

Doss Heritage & Culture Center, Weatherford, Tx

This delightful lady, Carol Williams, gave us a tour of the Center. She is standing next to a statue named "Freedom" by Pamela Stern. Please note the boat coming out of the statue's head. It made me think of the freedom of Halcyon II.
(Ms Williams, please keep in touch and when you start your 'Sailing down the Road' adventure then please let me know.)
The Center had this room set aside for two of Weatherford's more famous inhabitants...
Mary Martin from "South Pacific" and "Peter Pan"
Some of Mary Martin's costumes were there and I couldn't help but notice how tiny she was.

I thought this violin was so pretty.
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  1. Hi Toni,
    Not sure if you are still in Weatherford but I've been thinking about you and our meeting at the Doss Museum. Your story and adventure have been on my mind since that day. Very cool thing you're doing just "SAILING DOWN THE ROAD". I eventually would LOVE to do something similar.
    I'm getting ready to change out the exhibits in both galleries so I'll will be overloaded for at least 8 days ( give or take). But I wanted to wish you a fabulous trip, safe roads, awesome sunsets, great new friends, unusual foods you've never tried before, and many moments of contentment.

    Keep in touch.
    CB Williams