Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lubec to Machias and meeting Glenn

From Campobello  Island I could see Lubec across the bay and I knew I'd have to visit.

It took all of five minutes to cross the bridge...

...and another five minutes to clear customs. 

A right turn and I had arrived at one of those unapologetically, authentically rustic, coastal villages. 

If a moose had strolled by--a la Northern Exposure--I would not have been surprised.

I love it when I can park just about anywhere--no meters, no lines drawn on the street, no nasty signs telling me to go somewhere else--it's a perfect place to spend a day.

A whole building dedicated to sea salt (?)   

One of the locals informed me that these old wooden buildings on stilts were for smoking fish.

I found one gift shop that featured characters made from objects found on the beaches around Lubec.

I looked for a 'Made in China' label...

...Nope, every one was 'Made in Lubec'.

I liked the purple rubber gloves on this one.

It's Donald Trump!

"Fly me to the moon...."

Across the street was another inspiration...

This lady rescued stray, abused or abandoned cats--she had 18 while I was there but one was adopted that day.

She supported the shelter with her Thrift shop and I did my part by buying two videos and a potato masher.

 I saw all the Christmas stuff and, for some reason,  thought about Aunt Louise.  (By the way, she is doing great and about to celebrate her 96th birthday!)

Donald Dodges Department Store--closed up.

The Mulholland Market--a local artist's gallery.

The Sunrise Cafe--a local hangout.

And another local hangout.

It's a patriotic community.

At the very end of main street I came to the newly installed Lost Fisherman's Memorial.

The names on the granite stones were all the fisherman that never came home again.
Across the bay was Campobello.  

 The West Quoddy Lighthouse

Yes, fishing is allowed from this pier.  

Next stop, Machias, Me

It was five years ago when I began research on living and traveling as a nomad and one of my inspirations was a young man named Glenn and his blog called "To Simplify 2.0".  We have crossed paths several times throughout these last years but never met. When he wrote on his blog that he was in Northern Maine I contacted him.

It is surrealistic to pull up behind his red 'spaceship' after watching him for so long through his blog.  The blog provided a front row seat as Glenn conceived of and built--almost from scratch--this vehicle.  

His design fits the title perfectly, "Too Simplify 2.0".  Everything he needs is there within easy reach--including his keyboard where he composes music, and his saxophone where he entertains us with those compositions.  Please treat yourself--click on his blog over there to the right of this page and have a listen.

We spent the afternoon talking the Simple Life then discovered Machias was generous enough to provide some overnight RV parking right on their river.  If only more towns would be so welcoming.

The next morning the fog on the river was stunning.   If I knew how to play a musical instrument I think I would have composed something right then and there.  

 Glenn came to breakfast and we talked the RV life another few hours till the fog lifted.  He headed northeast and I continued toward the west but I am sure we will cross paths again. 

Thank you, Glenn for "To Simplify 2.0".  And keep the music coming. I will be watching to see where your Space Ship leads you.


  1. Lubec. The original settlers must have been Germans. Love that crazy art! And glad to hear that Aunt Louise is doing well.
    Aloha, Marianna

  2. I was so thrilled to see Glenn's red van in your photos, Toni! You two are my favorite traveling bloggers!

    1. That is a very nice complement. Thank you.

  3. Such a great journey you're on.

  4. WOW!!!!!! You finally met the Space Ship and Glenn. Wish I could have been there to meet him. Looks like your trip thru the Northeast is everything you expected and more. You are doing the RV traveling for me and I am loving every minute of it. Safe travels Cuz.

  5. I am really enjoying your blog. Lovely to have met you and Glenn at Machias. We are home now, planning to go to the Florida Keys later this year. Sa few travels.