Sunday, September 18, 2016

Boondocking on Campobello

I have become a big fan of  It is an organization of fellow RVers who are willing to allow traveling members to park overnight on their property.  

But the program is more than a place to park--it boasts some really really nice people as well.  I meant to stay for only one night on Campobello but these wonderful folks were so welcoming that I stretched it into a second night and really wanted to stay longer.  

Peter and Beatrix have a lovely home surrounded by 7 acres of wild raspberry and blackberry bushes, all topped off with a view of the Bay.  I could have happily sat on their porch that first afternoon, getting acquainted and comparing RV notes but they had a suggestion.  

They invited me to join them on a visit to the Head Harbor Light Station, known locally as the East Quoddy Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is one of the oldest light stations in Canada, established in 1829.  It sits on a rock outcropping on the northern tip of Campobello Island and is accessible by foot at low tide.

And if we hurried we might have time for a tour of the lighthouse.

But first you have to climb down, then work your way across the ocean floor of pebbles and boulders, then....

...up again.

One of the staircases showed the depth of the water when the tide was in...

...a spooky reminder that we better not linger too long.

Upon arrival we met Lou, an avid supporter of the care and maintenance of East Quoddy.

Lou is a very young 80 who proudly informed me that he painted every square inch of the outside of the lighthouse--as a volunteer!  That is amazing dedication and a daunting task for anyone many years younger.

The tour was enchanting.  I learned that there are a 1/2 dozen or so, rather elderly men and women who have spent endless hours restoring this landmark. 

 The decorations in the living quarters come from their friends and families; 

...and everything was so charming I decided I wouldn't mind too much if the tide actually did come in before we could leave.

Spending the night here would not be painful.

I just had to take a 'selfie'.

I wondered why they didn't rent it out to help raise money... 

...however Lou informed us that the cost of insurance made it prohibitive to have guests.

But he took us to the top where the view was wonderful, 

then told us great tales about  the families that lived and worked here.

When the tide began to turn we knew it was time to leave.

The setting sun made Lou's lighthouse glow.  He should be so very proud of what he and his friends have accomplished.

 He is very concerned that there are no young people on the Island willing to step in and care for East Quoddy when the time comes for this group to retire.  

The Canadian Coast Guard will maintain the light, but nothing more.  
Friends and family--Campobello would be a great place to retire--and a volunteer job is just waiting.

The scenery is spectacular....

...and the sunsets are free.


  1. What a beautiful place! Did you notice that they have a photo of you, hanging on the wall just above the wash basin on the wooden table.

  2. It shows such good taste in the art selections.

  3. We stayed with a BW host on Campobello and did the same lighthouse tour. Wonderful place. We are a BW host in Rhode Island with an available driveway if you pass through here. My blog is

  4. Thank you for the very nice offer. It is getting close to time to head south so I don't know how much longer I can linger but if I am near you I will certainly try to stay.

  5. Such a wonderful tour and Peter and Bea a very friendly couple, nice that you got to meet them.