Sunday, March 30, 2014

What's Next?

There is definitely good news and there is bad news....Let's start with the good:

Sigh Me has almost fully recovered! (?)  Naturally she is eating everything in sight and wants to sit in my lap all day, non-stop.  I think she has discovered she is not invincible and it is making her insecure.  So now, I am looking for a good cat therapist and in the meantime I am massaging her hourly and feeding her only the best cat food money can buy.

My Quail family has returned and I am eagerly watching for a new crop of babies.    But, sadly, the quail are the only visitors I have had to the house.  There are no buyers--or lookers--anywhere.  The real estate agent held an open house last Sunday but no one came--at all.  So it looks like the house may be on the market for a long, long time.  And that means very little traveling for me.  Perhaps some short trips to Tombstone or San Diego but not for any long length of time.  

Do I miss traveling? More than I can say.  
A good friend sent me this book that is a diary.... 

but, after 2 years on the road, it remains full of blank pages.  (Subtitle:  "The uncensored confessions of a trailer camp tramp") 
 I think Cracker Barrel parking lots may impede hot and steamy romances. 

I am now re-adjusting my priorities.  Tucson in the winter is unbelievably beautiful and I have been enjoying this amazing weather.  But summer is fast approaching and I am sure it is going to be a scorcher.  The garden is finally in shape and I am starting to plant flowers and herbs.  
I have cleaned the RV and it is ready to go on a moments notice--or just for a short trip out into the desert when I start to get too depressed.

Somewhere in the bottom of the storage bin I have stashed a set of watercolors and oils.  After all of the art museums and galleries I have explored I am sure I can produce something at least to rival the above masterpiece I found on the Internet.  I did not take this picture--it's a publicity photo from a museum in Europe.   Anyway, it inspired me to try my hand at creating....anything.  (Do you think he/or she used live models for that display?) I think I will try flowers instead.

Until I am back on the road again I have decided to post in the blog only on Sundays.  Even then I will probably have little to say.  But It will remind me that I have not given up on traveling and I will keep you, my most loyal readers, apprised of any progress in that direction.


  1. I am so happy that Sigh Me is eating again. Each time I'd check your blog for updates it was with fear that she'd be gone. Selling a house is just the pits. When we were trying to get out of the North Carolina house I thought I would go crazy. Plus we had a realtor who though we'd do better if we bought new furniture. You know where that went. Anyway, as soon as we took the travel trailer out of the state, we got a buyer and had to rush back. Here's hoping that the one person who will love the house shows up soon.

  2. I saw that photo, too, and was enraged.
    Mary told me you might have to wait a while before you could get your house sold. Bummer. In the meantime, you have a beautiful place to live in.
    But I sure understand about the wanderfoot. I have a bad case of it right now.

  3. So glad to hear about Sigh Me. I was so afraid I would check in to find he was worse.
    Bummer about the house.