Tuesday, March 4, 2014

And the Winner is….

Have you had enough of the Academy Awards, yet? If so, you can skip this posting.

My dear friend, Andrea, agreed to abandon her husband for the evening, and join me at our local art theatre for an 'Awards Party.' I was entirely ready for a dress-up evening away from the house and this fit the bill perfectly. 

The theatre even provided a red carpet….

and at the end of the carpet we found champagne and goodies.

We had an lots of time to chat with each other, 

a variety of fellow theatre goers….

and a few that dressed perfectly for the occasion.

Since I don't have a TV at home this seemed a fun way to watch an otherwise long and sometimes boring show---and I was right.

There was a bingo card game, drawings and guesses on who would win.  By the way, this guy was an excellent host.

Though, I admit, Ellen is my all-time favorite.  That pizza delivery boy will never forget that night.  I wonder what his tip turned out to be.

Seeing the program on the big screen made it really special, but the ads still appeared. However, it went so much faster because the sound of the ads was shut off while the host announced the winners of various games or just chatted with the crowd.

The Memoriams were particularly sad this year...

and stirred a lot of memories,

and regrets for talents wasted.

 Altogether it was a lovely time.  I could not argue with any of the winners and I think this year's movies were exceptional. It is interesting how many of them were based on true stories.  

So back to the house…and real life.


  1. Thanks for sharing.....I did envy the Pizza guy......


  2. Hello!

    I'm just now seeing this, tonight! What a fantastic evening! I'll certainly plan to attend next year, too! I love your photos. A nice selection to show off the event!