Monday, November 25, 2013

One last tour of Oahu

This is it--the last of the pictures of this loveliest of states.

Jim, Aunt Louise, Mary and I did one last drive around the end of Oahu.  We were saying 'Goodbye' the next afternoon and we didn't want to waste a minute of time sitting in the hotel.

This inlet was especially lovely--note the four people, two on each side of the cove.

I tried to surmise--were they angry and fighting?  Or maybe they were Italian? 

Of these two, I had no doubt.   You can tell a story with their body language.

I watched for a while but he never got the courage to jump.

And she had to go around a sign saying, "Do not climb on these rocks!" to get to this spot.

Please note--Aunt Louise has very little gray hair, my mother and both my sisters had no gray hair.  Most of my cousins don't have gray hair.  Hmm, It must come from the Lambert side.

  Wow!  The color of that water is unreal.

Back in the city we spied a Walmart--so sad.

Then I wondered if my RV could spend the night in their parking lot.  Nope!  Halcyon II needs 8'8" of head room.

We stopped for breakfast the next morning...

...then did one last drive up a lush green canyon.

 It was a long trip home to Ft. Worth but Aunt Louise did just fine.  She also informed me that she would like to go again sometime--maybe next year.   

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