Monday, November 18, 2013

Mahalo Hilo

We were starting to count down the days before time to leave when Jim and Mary gave us another drive around the area.

This lovely park along the waterfront and on the edge of the main part of town was added as a replacement for the buildings lost during the last Tsunami.  It is a wonderful addition to the town and makes a lot more sense then building more hi-rise complexes in the path of a future mega-wave.

Jim and Mary were married on that little bridge in the photo above.  I must say, it is one of the most romantic settings I've ever seen.

The park was hardly crowded at all, even though is was so close to downtown and within walking distance of most of the larger hotels.

And one of these babies can regurgitate another Hilo-size population right onto the streets of the town, but  the downtown did not seem overly crowded either.

We dropped by the waterfall...

Got another banyan tree photo...

....and then made a trip to the zoo.
I think a zoo is not so bad when many of the cages hold the visitors while the animals have more freedom.

The Hilo zoo is known as much for its flora as it is for its fauna.

Many years ago sister, Mary, worked here at the zoo as a caretaker.  I loved her stories about the tigers, one run-away chimpanzee, the birth and upbringing of a baby hippopotamus, and so many others.  I was sorry when she went on to other, less fun, but more exciting jobs.


This little fella was spooked by the wheelchair and made a fuss every time Mary moved.

I was in awe of the size of the bamboo.  I grow some back in Tucson but it is spindly and messy.

And speaking of Tucson, I will be returning there as soon as Aunt Louise and I return to the mainland.  It is going to be a shock to see the sparse bare earth, rock gardens, and prolific cactus of the Sonoran Desert so soon after all this lush Hawaiian greenery.

Can you believe this?  Is it a flower? Pineapple? Wow!
Mary's dashboard.

 I thought these trees looked like some out of "Lord of the Rings"

Before heading to Honolulu there were two more parties...This one was at Sherene's house and the dining area is actually the 'breezeway'.  Outdoor dining and living are a common occurrence in Hawaii.

And finally, back at Jim and Mary's we had our last party and this one included entertainment.  It is great how many musically talented friends Mary and Jim have.  Am I wrong in believing that not so many young people today are learning to sing and play a musical instrument?

Anyway, Jeff played and sang a number of beautiful island melodies that were the perfect finish for our visit.  I am sorry my group photos at both of these parties did not come out--maybe next time.

  Jim, Mary, all your wonderful friends, and a great Island--Mahalo.


  1. I'm so glad you and Aunt Louise got to see the zoo! I love it there. And the Bayfront is so nice, too, not all built up. We are lucky here, and we know it.

  2. I certainly enjoyed having you and Aunt Louise visit and see the beauty of this island, though I was disappointed to be so slow, hard to keep up with you both. Mary