Saturday, November 16, 2013

Marianna's View

Marianna invited Aunt Louise and myself to have coffee with her one afternoon.

In her blog, "Hattie's Web" (the link is over there to the right) she often mentions her lovely view of the ocean...

...and her colorful orchids.  I was looking forward to seeing both.  
As a teenager my heroine was a comic strip reporter named Brenda Starr. She was a feminist who resolved her own problems, never needed rescuing, and professed love of Basil St John, a mysterious man who wore a patch over one eye and spent his life in pursuit of a black orchid.

Marianna, are you the retired Brenda Starr? And is Terry that mysterious man?

Anyway, you have a lovely home,

Wonderful orchids,

and I really enjoyed the lilliquoi (passion fruit) from your back yard.

Today, on "Hattie's Web", Marianna talks about seeing the film 'Gravity' and how much she enjoyed it.

I also agree--it was a fascinating film and I sincerely urge seeing it in 3D.  I don't think the movie will be nearly as good if you were to rent the DVD and watch it on a flat screen TV.  It is not science fiction which makes it all the more interesting.
Thanks for the afternoon Marianna.  I look forward to the day we can do this again.
BTW, the little creature above lives happily on Marianna's balcony.


  1. What a fun surprise to come over here and see these photos!

  2. The lilikoi looks like it could eat you. Mary