Monday, March 18, 2013

Still in San Diego....

I have lived and traveled in Halcyon II for over 20 months now, and have had very few disasters along the way.  Occasionally, I have failed to lock the door on the fridge and, too late, discovered my mistake the minute I rounded a corner.  Pickles, cheese, onions and lemons careen around in spilled milk and maple syrup while I search out a place to park so I can clean up the mess and mop the floor.

Another mishap has occurred twice now--I forget to secure the French press coffee maker before taking off and it plunges to the floor shattering into a million pieces.  Well, Ron took sympathy on me and found me a wonderful stainless steel press.  Not only will it not break but it also keeps the coffee warm for a much longer time.
However, my worst disaster occurred, not in a moving RV, but sitting at the table in Ron's apartment while working on my taxes.  I dumped an entire glass of water into my laptop!  In almost two years of working on this blog in all kinds of crazy places and with every kind of beverage sitting next to it, I have never spilled a thing.  Fortunately, after a day of drying the computer out, I found that the shift key would not work,  but otherwise I am still in operation.

The French press would have been enough of a Christmas present for me but Ron came to the rescue again with the above, genuinely addictive, little toy that I have named, 'My Precious'.   That takes care of all presents for the next five years. Thank you, Ron.  Now I am looking for anyone willing to play an on-going game of 'Words with Friends' with me.  

In return for having such a thoughtful son, I have turned his apartment upside down with piles of stuff pulled out of Halcyon II while the RV gets her annual check-up.   it is almost 3 weeks now that I have been here, but the end of the 'honey-do' list is in sight.  I think Ron is ready to get his home back.

Meanwhile, it was time for another restaurant and visiting with another cousin, Jinnah, who also lives in San Diego.

We went to this highly recommended 'New Orleans style' restaurant that serves seafood boiled in bags with Zatarain's seasonings...  
It was pretty good, and rather messy, but definitely not New Orleans style.   However,  the company was excellent and the food would have been better if they had just labeled it 'San Diego Style'


  1. Since everyone showed up in San Diego yesterday, it can't be said to have a style!
    So your new "pet" is an I-Pad? Some stuff!

  2. And yet another great Culinary ending :)


  3. Vis-a-vis the iPad- welcome to the Dark Side!

    "Sent from my iPad"