Saturday, March 16, 2013

Magnus Larson Hoel

Magnus Larson Hoel 
Born 10:53pm, Feb 26, 2013
8lb 14oz

Meet my newest 'great' or is it 'grand' nephew on my husband's side of the family.  Another little Norwegian to get acquainted with.

And the very proud grandparents, Mark and Mary Larson,  just happened to fly into San Diego from Minneapolis while I was here.

Mary was attending a conference for her work so Mark tagged along.  And as usual, Ron knew a great place for gelato so we sat for an hour and heard all about that wonderful new baby.

As soon as they get back to Minnesota Mary is heading to Chicago to assist the new parents.  After all, that is the job description of a new grandmother.

And, while Mary was in meetings we took Mark back to Kalina's, that great little Russian restaurant, for another wonderful meal .  Boy, they make good borscht!

Oh, by the way...Congratulations to the brand new parents, Andy and Bridget.  Magnus sure is a cutey.

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