Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another check off the Bucket List

Segway of Coronado

Norm is the owner/manager of Segway of Coronado, our guide for the afternoon and patient beyond all reason.

 He carefully explained that we won't fall, we can learn how to operate one of these machines--if we pay attention, and we have to lean forward very slightly to go then stick our butts out to stop.

'First you put your right foot.....'

'Come on, Toni, you can do this.  Slowly...Don't look down!...

'STICK YOUR BUTT OUT!  You won't fall.  DON'T LOOK DOWN!'  Did I mention Norm's patience...

Of course, Ron caught on right away.  
 Denise, Tom, Louis, Blair, Ron,  and Cindy made up our little group.  Norm was the only one with experience and we were to follow him--like little ducklings on an outing--all around Coronado.

He stopped along the way to give us a history of the area and a chance for some pictures.
And to tell us how great we were doing.

 Cindy was especially good ....
..... at finding the 'go-ahead-speed'. 
 And Ron came up at the rear.

This was one of the 'most fun' days I can remember.  Sightseeing on one of these, especially if you have bad knees, is a breeze.  Zipping along on the sidewalk at 10 miles an hour is exhilarating and, no matter what you may think, this machine is very easy to operate.  I admit that, after two 1/2 hours, I was tired but I still did not want to stop.  I do not know why everyone does not have one of these things tucked away in their garage--hmm. Maybe someday.

So, back across the bridge.  Thanks, Ron, for the perfect day.


  1. Norm looks kind of like John Wayne. You are so game for anything, just like Mary! I don't think a Segway would work in Machu Picchu, though.

  2. Well, little pilgrims it was a pleasure to have you guys come on board ……. You both did great and we all had a blast!

    Kind Regards,


  3. One other very important tip: hold your arms straight out in front of you when stepping off. If you bend your elbows the Segway will try to back up over you. :)

  4. Thank you, Toni, for providing such a great recap of our tour. It was awesome! I especially enjoyed meeting you and Ron. Keep on keepin' on!