Sunday, March 24, 2013

Balboa park

I have been trying to post this last bit from San Diego for over a week now but a few diversions got in the way...not the least of which is this computer that is working in only fits and starts after its cold water bath.  More about the other diversions later.

Before leaving this truly fair city I made one more trip to Balboa Park and spent the better part of the day wandering from museum to museum while enjoying the amazing weather.   

There were lots of walking paths to explore...

And the buildings were lovely....

I wanted to see the photography museum but was disappointed in it.  The photos they had were interesting but there was just not enough of them.

I really did like the old black and white photos--there is something very artsy about black and white and I don't exactly know why. Do they make one of these little digital cameras that only takes black and white photos...hmmm
And once again, no one would let me take a picture inside the museum. I suppose that taking pictures of pictures is a bit silly.   

A fu part of the park was the people watching.

and there was lots of music...

I searched for a Segway but never found one.  There were way too many people anyway.

These Moreton Bay fig trees were interesting...

And so was the architecture.

I did not realize that proselytizing had become a part of the park experience to the extent that it has at Balboa...

Just about every faith was present and enthusiastically seeking out converts ...and with some success.

Maybe it was the urgency in the messages on the signs....

or the exuberance that some of the participants displayed.

But this guy read the bible at the top of his voice, non-stop, for at least two hours.  All I could think was that he looked like a mad bomber and I wouldn't want to get on a plane with him and that duffel bag.

There were muslims and hindus and buddhists equipped with literature and music to help sell their messages but I thought the mormons were the most innovative.  Genealogy is a hot topic these days so it was hard to pass up their table.  But I managed.

And I found an alternative message in this museum.   Hmmm.

But this is the best part of the park and takes no hard sell to gain converts.

For all you who have been worrying about me--I am now traveling north and all is okay.  Only a few mishaps but I'll cover those as I get to those postings.


  1. Very interesting Park....lot of free spirits it seems....and the Spanish architecture..... the religious quest...ending with instruments of torture.....hmmm makings of a Balboa inquisition ..