Monday, March 11, 2013

Coronado Island

It was a sublimely spectacular day that
prompted us to take a drive across the bridge to Coronado island.

Ron had the day off so we planned an adventure that would turn out to be one of those check marks off my 'bucket list'.

But first we had a few hours to kill and there was lots to see and do to keep us occupied.

Local art shows are always fun...

''No, Ron, I do not think Loretta would appreciate that picture on her wall!''

The Coronado Ferry landing is a historic area on San Diego Bay with the best views of the downtown skyline.  In 1886 the Coronado Ferry Company began a passenger transit line to transport tourists to  Coronado from San Diego.  However, the opening of the bridge in 1969 ended the 83 year transit service. 

Seattle is operating some of those same ferries today and they are over 100 years old!

It was a perfect spot for lunch, the pizza was just okay, but look at that view!

I wished I had brought my kite...It was a perfect day for kite-flying.   

The view alone is worth the visit.  

Someone told us the best way to see San Diego is to drive to the island and park then take the ferry across the bay to the city.

The ferry docks right in the heart of the city where the transit system will get you anywhere you want to go and the 'witching hour' is around midnight.

I asked what my chances were of parking the RV for the night and I didn't get an answer--just a funny look.  But I saw vans in the parking lot of the marina so I felt I might get away with it for one night--if I felt brave enough to try.

There are some very large lovely homes on the island..

But the majority are not so spectacular.  However, no matter how small or modest looking, they are all priced in the millions.

Before there was a bridge, before the hotels and inns, before there was running water or all the amenities that could be found across the bay in San Diego...

there was lots of beach, water, sand and only tents to stay in.

These tiles decorate the boardwalk and were constructed by the city with early photographs from the Coronado heyday.

Coronado Beach Restaurant
Meals at all hours

And obviously, not having a hotel--or RV--to stay in did not put a damper on enjoying the island.

Ron reminded me that, many years ago, when the kids were from 5 to 8 years old, we drove out to this very spot for the day.  I will always remember that day but I had forgotten the spot.

The Coronado Boathouse

The view from the bridge.

Next posting--the end of a perfect day.


  1. It looks lovely there, I must say. I haven't been in San Diego for years.

  2. Toni,
    A great post. I loved the views, and the feeling of being there myself I got from your pictures. Nancy and I talked about your bird episode last night at the Skeptics meeting. You seem to be having a great time, and I'm so glad, especially after what you went through to get there.