Sunday, March 11, 2012

Way down upon the Suwannee River

Gainsville did not have much to offer except for the lovely countryside with low, rolling, green hills and beautiful frolicking horses. So I headed back toward the west coast of the panhandle.

The Yellow Jacket Campground is located on the Suwanee River near the town of Old Town.  It is a truly lovely spot and this is the view I had from my rearview window once I got parked.

They rented boats and one of the people in the campground said the fishing here is great.  Once again I am wanting a fishing license.

When I left the next morning I turned toward the ocean and followed the road as far as I could along the river....

To the lovely little town of Suwanee.

All the houses in the town are built up on stilts and sit along the bank of the river.  Someone told me that the entire town flooded in one of the hurricanes last summer.  But most of the houses were up high enough to survive the water.  

These people had been fishing all morning.  I asked if they had caught anything--they said, "Nothing worth keepin' but ain't it a purty day." I wonder if they had any bait on their hooks.

Meet Lynn and her darling little companion--they are the proprietors of the Pavilion RV Park.

I decided to look for a place for a few nights that was on the water and I found this campground in Keaton Beach.  If you look very hard at a map and with a magnifying glass and search the beach about 100 miles north of Tampa you may find Keaton Beach.  

The RV park was full of RV's belonging mostly to people who visit occasionally on weekends or holidays.  Altogether there were only about a dozen people here...

plus these fine residents of the beach.

These houses are mostly new or rebuilt because the hurricane brought water high into this town too.

Every evening the dozen patrons of the park stroll down to the little dock to watch the tide come in or go out and to watch the sun go down...someone's gotta do it.

 And it is worth the trouble.  The show is pretty spectacular.
I learned that this guy goes out fishing every night --and throws back anything he catches.  I am not sure why he bothers to bait his hook. 

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