Friday, March 9, 2012

The back road to Micanopy

An Old Chinese Proverb...
"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it."

Some Unknown person....
"Please don't interrupt me when I'm talking to myself."

Elizabeth (my GPS) thought this would be a good road to explore--so I did.  It actually turned out to be a shortcut  to another of the state roads.  Sometimes Elizabeth isn't so dumb.

I drove by this interesting spot several miles outside of Gainsville, and suddenly my 'restaurant radar' started to buzz.  I did a U-turn in the road and pulled up to Roberto's Italian Eatery.

I could hear the Italian opera singing even before I got up to the front door.  I knew I was hearing one  of those three tenors--at full volume.  This was going to be good.

The restaurant was charming though empty because they had just opened for lunch.  There were linen napkins and tablecloths and flowers on the tables and a smell from the kitchen that told me I'd found a gold mine.  The waiter took my order for a meatball sandwich (the daily special) then asked me if I would like a complementary (!) glass of wine while I waited. Good Grief--the sandwich was only $7 bucks and he wanted to give me wine too!  I declined for fear it would make me too sleepy and I had some driving to do.  But the sandwich was delicious and the aromas and the opera music set a great mood.  So if you are anywhere near Gainsville please tell Roberto that I sent you.

Micanopy is the oldest town in Florida that is not on the coast.

And if you weren't looking for it you would likely never find it--the country roads to get there are way out-of-the-way.  

But it was worth it.  What a lovely little untouched town with wide streets and a lazy feel that says, "Stop and rest a while."

There are surprising touches...

and nice history that is not based on a battle of some kind.
 (I love that Indian's name, Chief Cowkeeper)

The downtown buildings house antique shops, restaurants, a realtor, some art galleries and a feed store.

Parking was easy and available--right downtown.

And there were lots of gardens.

 "Boy, what a great day!" She said to herself

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