Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Johnibel Roberts

Before I left Aunt Louise in Ft. Worth way last October, she asked me to stop in Jacksonville, Fl. and say hello to Johnibel Roberts, one of her very best friends.  "Okay, Aunt Louise, if I happen to be in Jacksonville I will stop by."  I wasn't planning to go out of my way--but I would do about anything for Aunt Louise.

I had no trouble finding their lovely condo.  Johnibel, on the left above,  now lives with her son, Don Spencer and daughter-in-law, Sue Spencer.
And this truly delightful lady turned 99 years old last week!

She wanted to show me her lovely quarters in the condo--a sitting room, bedroom and bath.  She informed me that she goes to the Senior Center twice a week and does ceramics--and she presented me with one of her very whimsical cookie jars.  (okay, I will find a space somehow)
She is also a basketball fan and never misses a chance to watch her grandsons play.  "I could watch those boys all day long!" she informed me with immense pride.

She paints (though not very much anymore) and plays the piano--which she demonstrated for me.
Her son found this portable piano at a garage sale--it comes complete with built in drums--which made her smile....but...

she became a little upset when she hit a wrong note.

She is also a ventriloquist and wanted me to meet her friend who said, "Please tell Louise how much I miss her--and all my old lady friends back in Fort Worth."
I bet they miss you too, Johnibel.  It was a very great pleasure to meet you.

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  1. sounds like a super ,great lady