Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chihuly in St. Petersburg

My second art gallery of the day was to the Dale Chihuly Gallery.

I was already a fan so I knew what to expect but if anyone reading this believes that glass-blowing is simply creating cute little angels or frisky dogs or precious kittens or pretty pink glass elephants then you need to experience Chihuly's art.

Again, we are right on Tampa bay...

And you are already getting a  preview as you drive up.

There is not a pink elephant anywhere in this stunning display.

Two very nice and accommodating staff...

Once again I was told, "no pictures in the gallery" so all the pictures I got were in the entryway....

And  in the gift shop.

But if you are looking for a wedding gift for William and Kate....

The following bowl is only $30,000!

The work is stunning but these bowls do not come close to the works on display in the gallery.

The first time I saw his work was in the Bellagio in Las Vegas where there is an entire ceiling of his work in the lobby.  There are many displays around the country and all are worth the time to visit--I believe this man is a national treasure.
Visit his website for a better display of his talent.  

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