Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fish Creek Falls and Steamboat Springs

Another day trip from Craig was to the ski area of Steamboat Springs.  

Steamboat Springs is a historical western town that has become a posh ski area, exclusive enough to rival Vail and Aspen.

Much of the old town has been saved but there are many new and extravagant homes and townhouses  everywhere.

 The flowers were sure pretty.

  Many of the new homes are second homes used for vacations only.   

 Over the years each trip I make returning to Colorado I find vastly more people, more traffic, more towns that have become fancy resorts, new ski areas and rapidly shrinking wilderness.  Those towns that have not learned to feed the monster tourist are showing signs of stress or are sadly dying.

We took a walk to Fish Creek Falls.  It was nice to see this park so near the heart of town.

The heavy winter snowfall had certainly stirred up Fish Creek. 

The aspens were thriving.  Throughout the mountains are signs of the beetle that has attacked the pines but the aspens seem to be holding their own, living despite the Kilroys who want to leave their marks everywhere.

Did someone misspell Devil?

Well, MOM was spelled right.

We could not have asked for a lovelier day


And the Falls were worth the hike.

The air felt air conditioned.

She was having the best time....

...and she didn't mind the cold water at all.

Allan has been a volunteer member of the ski patrol in the winter for a number of years now.  Living in Craig, hunting at his ranch in the fall, and skiing in Steamboat in the winter--not a bad life.

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