Monday, July 3, 2017

Canon City, Co

Canon City is a tiny little western town on the eastern slope of the Rockies; a good stopping place for laundry, grocery shopping, and book reading (Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance).

I spent several nights at Walmart...

...then drove at the crack of dawn to the local park where Daisy and I explored for the day .

What could be more fun than watching geese all day.  The noise was sometimes overwhelming.  I think they were teasing Daisy as she raced maniacally back and forth from window to window, guarding the RV against a goose attack.

The park straddled the Arkansas River which was flowing at peak volume from the spring runoff.

Ohhh, a trout breakfast would taste so good.

 Walking the park is hypnotically relaxing.

Until I began this odd lifestyle I never thought much about town and city parks.  They were places to 
congregate on the 4th of July or Labor Day or perhaps to meet a friend on occasion for an afternoon walk.  But now these little parks are my usual back yard.  During midweek I may have one all to myself.  

Picnic tables are great for working on the computer, spreading out lunch, playing with water colors, or reading a good book.

Sometimes a local will stop by and give me a tip on the best restaurant in town or info on the local farmer's market.

The park is Daisy's playground as well.  She loves all the children and has tried a few times, to join in on one of their ball games.

On this day we sat for a half hour watching these tight rope walkers.

They were pretty good.

 In Colorado, where pot is legal, I observed a number of loungers stretched out on blankets.  They spent the day contemplating the clouds,  the trees, or ...

...the swooshing sound of the river.  Unlike panhandlers, they never approached me.  They were so mellow and, judging by their cars and clothes, they were far from homeless.
  During my time in Colorado I saw a few dispensaries but never even stopped to check them out.  I didn't think about it until I was gone from the state.  I guess wandering the park is my drug of choice.  

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  1. Don and I rafted that stretch of the Arkansas River on more than one occasion. Beautiful country!