Sunday, July 2, 2017

Centennial and more doggie friends

I said 'Goodbye' to Mary and headed back to Denver where I planned to spend a couple of days parked at my 'Scrabble Buddy's' house.

Instead of the freeway I took one of the backroads through the mountains and enjoyed some spectacular scenery and a steak sandwich at this little roadhouse.

The road was definitely windy with lots of switchbacks but Spirit did just fine.

At 8000 ft I think Daisy's ears popped because she came wide awake at one point, sat up and looked around as though someone had poked her.

In Denver, Daisy discovered two new friends.  She is finally becoming aware that she is not the only dog on the planet.

Sally is my friend Suzie's sister and we play 'Words With Friends' together.  Suzie won't play with me--she says I cheat.  (I never--because I haven't figured out how. 😇)

Sally has two cute rescued pets, Rosie and Sparky.

 Daisy and Rosie had a great time but...

Sparky wasn't too thrilled to have another female around.
Now Daisy needs to work on the sharing thing.  We had a few skirmishes over toys and balls.  But when we drove away she was definitely unhappy.  This traveling thing is tough when you have to keep saying 'Goodbye'.

The temperature was climbing to uncomfortable levels so I decided to head up into the mountains for some relief.  Next stop, Canon City.

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