Saturday, November 5, 2016

Happy Birthday, Aunt Louise

I could hear the revelry as I came down the long hall at Hill Villa.  It was a celebration...Aunt Louise's 96th birthday party!

The residents were assembled in the dining room... the local country and western heartthrob was crooning the words to a Willie Nelson favorite.

Aunt Louise passed on the dance request but enjoyed the well-wishing.

Some of the older codgers could not see the reason for the singer's popularity...

...but a few of the others thought he could sing 'fair enough for dancin'.

And a few of the old-timers showed us all how it is done. 

Not one set of toes was stepped on.

There were more than a few jealous stares as the handsome young singer fed Aunt Louise a bite of cake while singing "Happy Birthday to You".

Aunt Louise had a wonderful time thanks to Suzanne's efforts and planning.  Thank you so much, Suzanne for making this happen.  


  1. Please wish her another Happy Birthday from one of your readers. What a great party.