Sunday, November 20, 2016

Clouds and Rocks

One of the differences I found in the east as opposed to the west is the sky...

The sky in the west is part of the landscape, huge, often spectacular and seldom ominous.  In the east it is unusual to see the sky unless you are looking out over the ocean and when there are clouds it usually means there will be a rainy weekend.

So...while back in Arizona I have started taking more cloud pictures and I really like them--modern art on a blue canvas.

A Jellyfish?  An elephant with a bad cold? Arnold Schwartzeneggar's left arm? 

Last week I went with my friend Suzie to Nogales to check out a dentist there.  She received a root canal for $400 versus the $1400 quoted by her  U.S. dentist  Besides that,  the Nogales dentist was very nice and she thought he was quite capable.  I am looking at some dental work also and therefore, contemplating another trip to Mexico after Thanksgiving. I'm still thinking about it.

Next to clouds, I like rocks.  This is from a rest stop in eastern Arizona.  I always wonder about the turmoil of millions of years ago that spread such boulders, willy-nilly, amidst the otherwise predictable  desert-scape.

Thanksgiving is this coming week and I plan to drive to Las Vegas to celebrate it with son, Ron, and his wife, Loretta and her father who is visiting from Australia.  A Las Vegas Thanksgiving is hardly the 'normal tradition' but nothing is in my life.  
Notes:  It is now one year since I received a heart valve replacement--and a new life.  My annual checkup last week was very good.   I give thanks to my heart doctor, my good friends and family that held my hand through it all, and to Babe (my pig valve). 
To all my friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and take time to look at the clouds.

Finally,  a sad note.  I have been told  the tiny dog that was so badly mauled last week, did not survive.  It is so sad.


  1. I like clouds, rocks, water.
    And I like the idea of going to Mexico.

  2. It had been 10 years since I had visited Nogales and, at that time, tourists were everywhere. This time we were the only tourists I saw the entire time we were there. It is sad to me how the drug trade has so negatively impacted the border towns.

  3. It is sad, but it's joyous that you are here with us.

  4. A posting that came from Hai Dang...

    "A masterpiece of nature. The Creator gave us the magnificent scenery. And mission as well as our responsibility to preserve it!!!"