Monday, October 31, 2016

Ft Worth and Aunt Louise

Spirit has spent the last few weeks in the parking lot at Hill Villa--Aunt Louise's happy senior abode. It is quiet, safe and even somewhat scenic from atop the slight hill.

Ft Worth, as usual, is a whirl of relatives, restaurants, and real estate--The three Rs that have become a trademark to my visits with Aunt Louise.

As you can see by these pictures, we are still clearing out Aunt Louise's house.  There was a lot of stuff that did not get sold at the estate sale.

We have hired a second estate sales person to handle what is left but I still had to box it up.

And there is a lot of it..


vintage clothes and dolls. (yep, those boxes are all Madam Alexander dolls--never played with.) The house is on the market now and there is a neighbor that is interested.  Of course it is hard for Aunt Louise to think about selling the house she built some 50 years ago.  

However Caregiver Extraordinaire and friend, Suzanne, keeps Aunt Louise entertained and less preoccupied with the sadder moments in life.

A special talent of Suzanne's--she can back up without hitting a golf card! (with less than a millimeter to spare)  Maybe she can teach me how to turn right and NOT wipe out a government mail box.

So we explored museums and the Ft Worth area has its share.

This is the Doss museum.

The Rebecca Lowe Art Gallery

An art aficionado

I am not sure that Aunt Louise understands modern art made from found objects....

But I think some of it is down right ingenious.

We talked her into an evening of outdoor dining (?) at Central Market.


Every Friday and Saturday nights there is live music in their patio with dining from the grocery store deli and salad bar.  

Then we had a birthday lunch at Uncle Julio's Restaurant, with her cousin, Jerry...

and Jerry's daughter, Chelsea.

(Chelsea's husband Blake, Chelsea, Jerry, his wife Kathy, and Aunt Louise)

On October 19 Aunt Louise turned 96! I am hoping my mind is as sharp as hers when I reach 86.

Another restaurant. 

And another--Look at the size of that soup bowl!

But her favorite pastime is a visit with the ladies on the porch after supper.   There is always a little gossip, a lot of laughs and a recounting of the days visit to Walmart.

The simple things in life are what makes it all worthwhile,  like a belly rub...

(Suzanne's dog, Erin)

...or a treat for being so darn cute.


  1. REally charming tho is was a lot of work for you. Loved the family pictures. Thanks.

  2. Glad to see news of Louse. We have lost track of each other. Please give her my best. She can find my contact info at thanks, jan orr-harter aledo