Monday, October 10, 2016

The Last Night in New England

It has been a very eventful summer for me and incredibly enjoyable.   

I drove a short distance into Vermont to Woodford State Park, hoping to see some leaves changing color before I had to turn and run south.

Well, the setting was beautiful though the color was very minimal.

As I walked down to this lovely lake a couple joined me and we began to talk about life in an RV.  Their names were Patrick and Clara.

I am often asked if I don't get lonesome on the road and I have to admit that, sometimes I do.  There are things I have seen that I would love to share with others and that is definitely why I keep this blog.

This is one of those things I would like to share (with Patrick and Clara's permission).

When the three of us saw this idyllic lake Patrick said, "Boy, I would love to go swimming--but I didn't wear my swimsuit."

To which, I offered, "Well, if you want to go skinny-dipping I won't look."


His reply, "Oh, No! You can take my picture and put it in your blog!"  So here it is.

 And here they are.

So, do I miss company?  When I feel lonely I am sure to meet someone new, interesting, and sometimes just fun--or funny.

When I get back to Tucson I will start my quest to find a pet to join me and perhaps alleviate some of the aloneness.  But I sincerely value the memories of new friends and acquaintances and hope my travels will continue in the same serendipity way.


  1. Many single travelers are ending up getting a pet. I think it's a great idea, though it will tie you down as well. Remember you can't take them with you into National Parks and go hiking with them there. You can't have a pet with you in a museum and if you go out eating, your pet has to stay in the rig. In the summer that is a big problem as your rig is getting too warm for the dog/cat. We have had our 2 dogs with us and later just Molly and we had to forsake many nice National Park hikes or visits in public places. Yet we never really regretted to have our dogs with us as they have given us tremendous pleasure and fun.

  2. I know a pet will create some problems and limit my freedom as well--it happened for me when I had my cat, Sigh Me. I am definitely weighing the pros and cons on this. It would be nice if I could rent-a-pet for a while and see how we do. No, that wouldn't work--I would get too attached.

  3. We hope to join you on the road in a few years.

  4. And I hope to still be traveling when you do, so keep planning it.

  5. Toni, if you're ever down this Galveston-Houston way, I'd love to meet you. I enjoy your blog. Give "Aunt Louise" a hug for me.

    1. Doris: I will definitely let you know the next time I am near you. We really must meet one of these days.
      Aunt Louise is sure doing great. Next week is her birthday and we are planning a party for her. She will be 96 years old!

  6. So nice. Sharing experiences, etc. is the reason I blog, too.
    I want to see you some time! Jim is back. Jo is coming to visit Mary for three weeks.

  7. I am so pleased Jo is making the trip. Yes, We need to get together again. I am planning to be in Oregon next August for the eclipse. Maybe we could rendezvous somewhere on the coast.

  8. Hey Cuz.....great photos and reading...keep sailing....sister Dot and JoBev spent over an hour on the phone, we will be headed up that way hopefully soon to visit. Take care...

  9. I am really hoping to get JoBev to go with me in the Spring to Robeline and surroundings. She would like to visit with Dot and I would enjoy being a 'fly on the wall'.