Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jamie and Linda

This stop in Gramercy, La, just north of New Orleans is one of my all-time favorite places to visit.

First of all there are two special people, cousin Jamie and his wonderful wife Linda.

Next are Linda's mother, Ethyl Millet (on the right) and her family.  These four delightful Cajuns are examples of the Southern Louisiana charm and grace that make this visit so special.

Here is Linda's family's homestead where those four and other family members meet every afternoon for coffee and to share stories about the good old days--in an accent that sometimes defies translation.

Food is still grown here and I came away with a sample of the goodness..

cucumbers, eggplant, potatoes, squash, yum!

The farm originally raised tobacco and an especially rare form is still grown here.

Linda did a demonstration for us of how she spent her summers as a teenager--stripping!  Tobacco that is. I did not think the job looked that exciting.  And the backaches must have been excruciating.

Then off to the inevitable dinner of fried fish, catfish, and roast beef or fried shrimp po' boys (just look at the size of those po'boys!)

Next stop--Biloxi for the afternoon....

...and lunch at the Blow Fly Inn.

This place has really good seafood and outstanding banana pudding....

....Plus a really great view... 

Hmm, time to go.

Confession time, my cousin-in-law is a magnolia thief!

Biloxi Beach is always worth a trip.

Yes, we saw some signs of oil in that sand but not enough to spoil our visit.

And Loretta was surely having a good time.

One our way back to Gramercy we made a stop in Kenner, La,  to visit some of my favorite "Little People"...

Jamie's grand daughter, Lindsey Marie Hymel

Grandson, Michael Hymel

And charmer, Andrew Hymel.

As you can see here, Loretta was Andrew's favorite.

Jamie and Linda, you are so lucky.

I must say, it is pretty darn nice to visit these folks.  First they fixed the tail light, 

Then Linda climbed up on the roof to inspect the damage I did when I hit the tree at Dickie's, 

And then she pulled out the mop and a hose and WASHED MY RV!  I Know!  You are all green with envy that you don't have a couple of cousins like mine.  


  1. What handsome and happy people. They sure know how to live!

  2. Wonderful photos and what kind and hospitable cousins you have.