Friday, May 20, 2016

Cousins--from Alexandria to Breaux Bridge

I think I have been away from the south too long--I keep seeing things I don't quite understand.

Like this.  Is that his name?  The name of his shop? A misspelled predilection? A promise?  Anyway, I might trust him/her/it  based on the name alone.  Now ask me sometime if I have ever seen a bald crawfish.

Ron and Loretta gave me this wonderful little gadget that is the answer to my lack-of-an-oven quandary.

And it totally works though it won't bake a whole turkey, chicken or roast.  But it does potatoes, biscuits, casseroles, vegetables, etc.  Love it!

(Dean and Amanda Lambert, I am so terribly sorry but the pictures I took of you guys in Many did not come through.  I don't know why. )

(Aunt Doris, Loretta (standing), Linda, Jamie, Patsy, me, Tinker)
After a day in Toledo Bend State Park we moseyed on over to Alexandria for a few days with some more cousins. Jamie and Linda drove up for the day from southern Louisiana even though they are on our schedule of stops later in the week.

Tinker's neighbor let us park in her driveway (because it was level and Tinker's wasn't so much).  We spent several nights, got to know Tinker's kitties, and enjoyed her great biscuits and homemade jam each morning.

Our next stop was Breaux Bridge where we found the Crawfish Festival in full swing.

Boy was I underdressed.

But not Loretta--she found the perfect hat.

Dancing and food--Louisiana favorites.  This tent offered dance lessons on the the waltz and the two-step--not too complicated.... everyone can get on the floor.

And it's hard to resist when its Zydeco.  

We found this toss-the-ping-pong-balls-into-the-floating-bowls game that no one seemed to be able to win.

The prizes were not all so great...

 ...but these little guys stole my heart.

 How well do you think a bunny would ride in an RV?


Then, Glory Begorra!  Someone won!

This little bunny is going to be well-loved. 


And we finally sat down to some bald crawfish.

Loretta was willing to try--though sucking the seasoning out of the crawfish heads was asking too much. (Uh Oh! Disagreement number two)

It did not take her long to get into it and she gave those mudbugs a thumbs up.

Louisiana loves its food festivals and the residents will form one at the drop of a --well, ground.  

When a sinkhole appeared a few weeks back on Canal Street in New Orleans a festival was formed and celebrated on May 5th--Sinkhole De Mayo! Sorry I missed it but thanks for the heads-up, Jamie.


  1. That's a very cool little oven! Thanks for posting about it. We have a 1940s Ovenette that I use a lot. I make cakes, meatloaf, baked chicken, enchiladas, bar cookies, muffins, stuffed shells, pita bread pizza and almost anything that can be made in a regular oven. The only thing that does not work very well is yeast bread. It gets too brown on the bottom before it's fully cooked.

  2. Wonderful to catch up with you and to "meet" your daughter in law Loretta!
    That art: I don't know. I think I'm with Louise on that!
    Jim and his partner are working hard to get our deck redone, but it's turned out to be a much bigger job than they thought.
    So glad you are out and about and getting the most from life after that surgery!

  3. Toni, It was fantastic to see you and spend an evening and morning with you. Thank you for coming through Illinois and connecting with us! I have enjoyed these photos and will look forward to more. Safe journeys! Sharon

  4. Enjoyed the pics...just a neat adventure....

    Dean Lambert :)