Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cafe Des Amis

The crowds start lining up at 7 AM on any Saturday.  It is breakfast time at Cafe Des Amis.

The seating starts at 7:30 with a $5 cover charge....

and the band arrives at 8 AM to set up in the window of what was once a general store.  

Zydeco is not complete without the washboard.

All ages, sizes and persons able to do justice to the two-step are present.

Fully 1/2 the crowd does not have a place to sit but they weren't there to sit anyway.

The locals know to put on their finest.

And the whole building reverberates with the music that doesn't stop--or even slow down--until noon. It sure beats breakfast at IHOP.

Breaux Bridge is the very heart of cajun country,  the locals are wonderfully welcoming, and Cajun French can be heard throughout.

No trip to Louisiana is complete without the 'Swamp Tour'.

We chose Lake Martin right outside Breaux Bridge and it was a perfect day for a boat ride...

The gator's were out  ...along with birds, turtles and crocs. 

We spied a bald eagle  

After all that sun I thought surely I would be roasted but the sunscreen saved me.  The dermatologist back in Tucson suggested Walgreen's brand of baby sunscreen--it was the cheapest and it works just as well.  He was right.

No sunburn.


  1. Did you mean "Baby Sunscreen"? Or are you really using shampoo as a sunscreen?

  2. Thanks Ron. Of course I meant 'sunscreen' and not shampoo. I was working on this too early in the morning and the coffee hadn't kicked in yet.

  3. Great pictures, I especially love the restaurant concept! Have not ever been in the Southern states but have dreamed about seeing Cajun country for most of my life.

    1. Thanks, Anne. Add Cafe Des Amis to your bucket list. And the Crawfish Festival is a great time of the year to go.

  4. Man oh man, that looks like a ton of fun!

  5. Seems I lost a comment. But wow! that looks like fun!